email, such as you tested long-form storytelling Western Sahara Email Lists emails and you had a good response with your audience). WordStream is great at this, with an immediate CTA button followed by just a few sentences of explaining text. B2B Email Marketing: Screenshot of email by WordStream Western Sahara Email Lists MAKE YOUR CALL TO ACTION OBVIOUS No matter if you want your readers to buy Western Sahara Email Lists something, read an article, fill out a survey, or enter a giveaway, make the CTA obvious. This can easily be done Western Sahara Email Lists by linking to your offer from the first or second sentence and adding a button at the end of the email, or using a big image with a button like WordStream did in the


example above. KEEP MEDIA TO A MINIMUM You’re not selling to Western Sahara Email Lists consumers who need lots of fancy pictures. You’re selling to extremely busy professionals who have jobs to do. In other words, don’t do this: B2B Email Marketing: Screenshot of bad email from 4imprint Instead, if you’re going to use Western Sahara Email Lists media, do it sparingly, like this Best Self does below. Note that this isn’t Western Sahara Email Lists strictly a B2B email, but it gets the point across. B2B Email Marketing: Screenshot of email by Best Self #1 Western Sahara Email Lists RULE OF MARKETING: ALWAYS BE TESTING You might find that your specific list loves tons of images, long-form content, and beating around the bush.

No two lists are the same. To figure it out, run tests! Western Sahara Email Lists Send a long-form email once in a while to see the response rates. Test a few images (or videos) to see if you get higher engagement. Eventually, you’ll dial in on exactly what works for you. 5 EXAMPLES OF B2B EMAIL MARKETING Western Sahara Email Lists Whether you’re an email marketing rookie or a seasoned pro, looking at successful Western Sahara Email Lists examples is a great way to bypass trial and error to see what works. Here are five real-life examples of B2B email marketing Western Sahara Email Lists you can use as inspiration. 1. SUMO’S MARKETING EMAILS B2B Email Marketing: Screenshot of Sumo Subject line:

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