Write B2B Marketing Emails 3 5 Examples of B2B Bhutan Email Lists Email Marketing Let’s dive in! B2B VS. B2C EMAIL MARKETING: WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? B2B (Business to Business) email marketing is very different from B2C (Business to Consumer) email marketing in a few ways: Bhutan Email Lists Who is making the decisions (and how many people are involved in the decision-making process). How long it takes for a buying decision Bhutan Email Lists to be made (e.g., a longer “buying cycle”). The time of day emails are opened. Unless you’re Bhutan Email Lists marketing to solopreneurs (such as freelancers or small business owners), the recipients will probably need to get approval from more


people than just themselves. This naturally Bhutan Email Lists means a longer time between contact and purchase. Additionally, while most B2C emails are opened in the afternoon (after work), most B2B emails are opened between the hours of 9-5 (typical working hours). However, the entrepreneurial and work Bhutan Email Lists from home types often check email on weekends more than weekdays on average.[*] That said, Bhutan Email Lists your specific audience may vary, so you can’t just go off “normal” good times. Always be testing! HOW TO WRITE Bhutan Email Lists B2B MARKETING EMAILS Now that you understand the difference between B2C and B2B email marketing, let’s talk about how to

Bhutan Email Lists

approach it. DEFINE YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE Bhutan Email Lists (IDEALLY THE DECISION-MAKER) Ask yourself: Who is the decision-maker for my ideal client? Are they on my email list, or do I need to get my audience to convince the actual decision-maker? This is the most important question when Bhutan Email Lists creating your email copy and CTAs. If your subscribers are not the decision-makers, you need to Bhutan Email Lists help your audience to convince the appropriate people to use your services or purchase your products. For example, Bhutan Email Lists you might be selling software that helps email marketers improve the conversion rates and revenue from their emails.

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