Back-to-school time is almost upon us! Monday, September 4, just over 12.3 million students will join the school benches for a new school year. Barely returning from vacation, parents must embark on a frantic race for school supplies. But who wants to jostle in supermarkets in search of the perfect diary and satchel? Not many people. Fortunately, mobile is on the rise and is revolutionizing the purchase of school supplies. As the start of the new school year approaches, Think with Google has just released a new infographic.

The cost of back to school is once again slightly up this year, according to the association Families of France. The purchase of school supplies represents significant expenditure in the family budget. According to the association, the average budget for a student entering sixth grade is € 190.24. And the higher you go in education, the bigger the budget.

Opportunities from June to September higher

School supplies aren’t the only purchases parents need to make when they go back to school. Clothing, sports equipment, schoolbags, etc. are other expenses related to this new school year. In total, the overall cost of the 2017 school year represents 480 per child. This market of 494 million euros is therefore synonymous with commercial opportunities. France WhatsApp Number List As with Christmas shopping, there are those who anticipate long before, those who are neither too early nor too late, and those who shop at the last minute. School supplies appeared in supermarkets from the end of June. Thus, 52% of French people have anticipated back-to-school purchases from at least July.

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As with Christmas shopping, there are those who anticipate long

Some schools only give out lists of school supplies at the beginning of the school year, and some still, especially in the Superior, make their start of the school year later. FEVAD thus observed increases in retail requests during this period. From the 2nd week of August 2016, there were + 30% more requests before reaching a peak in the 2nd week of September on the IT category. At the beginning of August, they were only 24%. However, the purchases are staggered until September or even October.

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