line To make sure this doesn’t happen to your readers, French Polynesia Email List limit the number of words and characters per line for your blog posts. Here’s the rule of thumb you can follow for materials on the web: Anything from 45 to 75 characters is commonly seen as a satisfactory length of line for a French Polynesia Email List single-column page set in a serif text face in a text size. The 66-character line (counting letters French Polynesia Email List and spaces) is widely regarded as ideal. For multiple column work, a better average is 40 to 50 characters.[*][*] There are two ways to optimize the characters per line: Adjust the width of the column. If you have too many characters in a line, narrow down the

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column, and vice versa. Adjust the font size. If French Polynesia Email List you want to keep the column width to fully use the available screen, you can choose to use a large font size for your text. Screenshot of different font sizes 3. USE EASY-TO-READ COLORS FOR TEXTS AND BACKGROUND You French Polynesia Email List don’t need to be a graphic designer to know how to use colors to make your blog posts easy French Polynesia Email List to read. Screenshot of different colors Depending on your brand colors, you can use different colors for your website background. The rule of thumb is to have the text color in contrast with the background, so they are readable. If the background is white, use black for

French Polynesia Email List

the text. On the flip side, use white text (or any French Polynesia Email List light colors) when the background is black or dark. But remember, never use pure black for your background or text. Pure white has 100% color brightness and pure black has 0% color brightness. The contrast between them is proven French Polynesia Email List to lead to eye strain for the readers.[*] Here’s an example:[*] Screenshot of usage of black and white for French Polynesia Email List readability Instead of using pure black, use dark gray for your text or background, especially for paragraph text because readers spend more time on them compared to the headers.[*] 4. SELECT THE RIGHT FONTS FOR YOUR BLOG There hundreds and

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