But, sometimes the office environment becomes toxic or destructive and it invariably affects health. Endless deadlines, demanding clients and enormous data burden our lives and, on top of that, a negative workplace mitigates mental and physical atrocities.Toxicity in the Kuwait Phone Number workplace can take the form of a confusing boss, office drama, general arguments, or even a small discord that could inflame the entire environment. It spreads like fire and reproduces itself in our behaviors. For anyone who considers offices their second home, this toxicity affects many because job dissatisfaction affects our personal lives.

This Results in Frustration Stress Depression

This results in frustration, stress, depression, and anxiety . The worst thing is that the employees see them as the reason for such a situation. However, there are several signs that your workplace is toxic.What makes your job dysfunctional Lack of communication Kuwait Phone Number  Miscommunication or failures in the transmission of critical information create a rift between employees. Lack of proper communication channels and lack of feedback mechanism in an organization leads to toxicity in the work environment. While working in a large organization with culturally and hierarchically diverse individuals.

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Is Your Work Environment Toxic? Find Out How to Deal With It

expectations through timely meetings and healthy conversations. However, a lack of the same will lead to confusions and this will cause anxiety.Lack of recognition Recognition of the work an employee has done for the organization is necessary to keep employees motivated. Along with monetary perks and pay raises.

Micromanagement in the office instills fear in employees and makes it a school environment. In addition, a miserable attitude of colleagues who lack enthusiasm to come to the office adds to the negativity. Colleagues with Kuwait Phone Number attitude and ego issues often don’t smile and this creates a controlling environment in an office that is not good for employee well-being.

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