you can invest before you get too far into this process. Understanding what you need and what investment you are ready to make will let you set your expectations accordingly. For Macedonia WhatsApp Number List example, at Underwaterpistol, most of our migration projects fall into the $25K-$100K range. Stores with extremely large product catalogs or demanding design and development needs can run up to $250K. That Macedonia WhatsApp Number List number sounds high, but when you are focused on continually growing a business over time, you realize it’s an investment that will pay for itself many times over. While Magento has costs that stack, Shopify stores pay a single monthly fee for

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access to full functionality. So instead of paying monthly or annually for: Hosting Maintenance Upgrade dev time Maintenance dev time Bandwidth Security fixes You pay a single, predictable fee no matter how much traffic you receive. The move to Shopify may seem a daunting prospect, but running your sMacedonia WhatsApp Number List tore from Shopify saves you time, money, and worry from day one. ACTION POINTS: List your reasons for moving away from Magento. The specific headaches and limitations that are causing you to move. Do you want more control over your site? Do you need a better workflow for your team? Make a list of what you want to gain

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from this move. Work with your team to discover what data you have available. Any good agency or consultant will want to see what is going on right now. This data will guide them as to what is and isn’t working for you right now. Look at your financials and, at the very least, get a realistic idea of what Macedonia WhatsApp Number List you can spend on creating and moving to your new site. Remember that done properly, this move is Macedonia WhatsApp Number List an investment that will reduce your costs and help your store generate more revenue than it ever has. STEP 2: DESIGN THE HOME YOU NEED Website design is central to ecommerce success.

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