purchase, or went and bought from your Latvia Phone Number List competitors. Salesforce found that abandoned cart emails tend to generate the highest overall revenue within the first 24 hours after sending — while the product(s) in the customer’s cart are still fresh in their mind.[*] Abandoned cart emails Latvia Phone Number List also generate 60% of their revenue on the day of send.[*] 6 STEPS TO CRAFTING REVENUE-RECOVERING ABANDONED CART EMAILS 1. WRITE AN IRRESISTIBLE SUBJECT LINE A great subject line is key to getting your emails opened. Most brands tend to keep their cart abandonment messages simple.

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For example: Fashion designer Moschino states “You left something behind.” Screenshot of Moschino Wine store Winc uses the subject line “You forgot something Latvia Phone Number List unforgettable.” Screenshot of Winc Pet retailer Chewy simply says “Forgot something?’” Screenshot of Chewy If you’re looking to keep your subject lines simple, try to experiment with questions: Did you forget something? Did you leave Latvia Phone Number List something behind? Still available? Or simple statements like: You left this in your [brand name] basket Don’t miss out Complete your order now To take it a step further, try experimenting with some less common subject lines.

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MAKE IT UNIQUE One of the best cart abandonment emails I’ve seen is from Ugmonk founder, Jeff Sheldon, and the reason it stands out is that it takes a very personal Latvia Phone Number List approach. The subject line “Offering you my personal email” is very different from the usual abandoned cart emails that tend to focus specifically on you, the shopper, forgetting or leaving something behind. Screenshot of Ugmonk Latvia Phone Number List abandoned cart email example On Really Good Emails, Matthew Smith explains just how he felt receiving this email:[*] “Oh man oh man, this is great. The subject alone is gold.

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