Instagram has now passed the milestone of 600 million active users worldwide, including 13.6 million unique visitors in france. The social network never ceases to seduce. The ever-increasing numbers can attest to this. And it is not the 8 million user companies and the 1 million advertisers who will say the opposite. They have indeed been able to detect the potential of this instantaneous social network, especially since Instagram makes sure to seduce them, with ever more convincing features and advertising formats. In the era of e-commerce, Instagram is developing formats that will appeal to advertisers and professionals as well as users. Also, it has just been announced the upcoming arrival of a service reservation function.

Service booking will soon be integrated into Instagram

Instagram plans to deploy a new function this year: service reservations. Business profile subscribers will now be able to access an online booking tool.In collaboration with MyTime, a company Cambodia WhatsApp Number List specializing in the management of appointments between individuals and businesses, Instagram should soon implement this function. From a company’s profile, a “Book” button will allow subscribers to make their appointment.

Booking-clicking on the booking procedure is out in 5 steps: The choice of service or variations of the chosen serviceThe choice of appointment (date and time slot)A summary of the reservation booking confirmation. The opportunities provided by this function are numerous and represent significant potential for professionals.

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Selling your products on Instagram will soon be possible

Still in an e-commerce perspective, Instagram will go further by launching the “Buy now” function. The test phase in the United States was very conclusive. It is therefore in the continuity of its strategy that Instagram will orient its product on the credo of online shopping. Thanks to Instagram Shopping, you can highlight up to 5 products per photo. Each product for sale will be by a tag with its name and price. By clicking on one of them, we will access a more detailed product sheet with a description, photos, price, the store’s website, but also a “Buy now” link to encourage users to complete the purchase on your website without leaving Instagram.

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