: Amplify Elementor’s capabilities with WidgetKit, an Bulgaria Email List advanced addons kit with unique elements, layouts, and widgets. Get WidgetKit on AppSumo.com. 5. WP Super Cache Best WordPress plugins in 2021: WP Super Cache Caching stores temporary web documents such as HTML pages, CSS files, Bulgaria Email List and images of your website on the web browser of your recent visitors. It helps improve the user Bulgaria Email List experience of the returned visitors by increasing server load speed. As site speed and user experience improved, so do your Bulgaria Email List website SEO and conversions. WP Super Cache is a WordPress plugin that does just that.

ShortPixel image optimizer

It generates static HTML files for your WordPress website Bulgaria Email List and serves them to 99% of your website visitors. It has 2+ million active installs thanks to its easy-to-use settings (and it’s free). 6. Insert Headers and Footers Best WordPress plugins in 2021: Insert Headers and Footers As a marketer, online Bulgaria Email List entrepreneur, and blogger, it’s not uncommon to add a piece of code or Bulgaria Email List scripts to the header or footer of your website. Be it Google website verification, Facebook Pixel, or custom scripts from your Bulgaria Email List email service provider… The truth is, there’s never an easy way to do that on WordPress CMS.

Bulgaria Email List

Insert Headers and Footers is a simple plugin that Bulgaria Email List helps you easily do that. Insert code like Google Analytics, custom CSS, Facebook Pixel, or more to the header or footer — without the need of messing with the WordPress theme. A simple, straightforward solution to a BIG problem… 7. ShortPixel Bulgaria Email List image optimizer Best WordPress plugins in 2021: ShortPixel Slow websites are a big Bulgaria Email List NO-NO in today’s world of internet. And one of the key contributors to a slow website is unoptimized images. ShortPixel is a lightweight, Bulgaria Email List set-it-and-forget-it image optimization plugin for your WordPress website.

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