Merca2.0 has taken on the task of bringing together the most relevant information on. The national digital strategy in an infographic. Mexico df-. Recognizing technology as one of the vital axes . The strengthening and growth of the country, last monday the president of the mexican republic presented. The national digital strategy, an action plan that aims to promote. The adoption of digital technologies information and communication to maximize. Its economic and social impact on the quality of life of mexicans.Related articles:federal government presents the national digital strategy using will receive 12 thousand 600 million pesos in subsidies.

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Society and government, economy and security optimal conditions will . Be created to improve the living conditions of citizens among other things. The digitization of various procedures will speed up. The opening of new businesses guarantees quality health and educational Romania Phone Number List services. As well as improve productivity and economic development.For this reason. The national digital strategy is an issue that has not gone unnoticed in people’s.A real challenge for the marketing president of Mexico launch the national digital strategy it is expected. That with the adoption of digital resources in the five bases of society -education health relationship between.

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