Ccording to techifographics although twitter and facebook will continue to lead. Other platforms such as snapchat vine or pheed will gain strength.International. According to a recent emarketer report by the end of this year one in four people . The world will be on at least one social network, bringing the number of users of these platforms to 1.73 billion. With the passage of time and with the intention of meeting the demand for more personalized spaces by users. The world of social networks has ceased to be subject solely to facebook or twitter . Related notes the 50 best companies to work for in 2014youtube. A huge channel for brandsleading brands maintain a presence on. 7 social networksgiven this scenario there is a growing trend in the birth .

Of New Social Networks That Bet on More Specific

Of new social networks that bet on more specific content and formats. Where the interaction between their members plays around more specific interests and tastes.Growth of social networks. Opportunity for brands in this way, social networks that allow users Namibia Email List to maintain contact with other people with whom . They share common interests such as music, for example. As well as those that offer an innovative and different experience for the audience will have significant growth during the year. Following.

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According to an Infographic Made by Techifographics

According to an infographic made by technographic . Although social networks like twitter and Facebook will continue to lead the social world. Other platforms like snapchat, pinterest vine or pheed will gain strength. For brands, the growth of new social networks means not only.That results in a greater number of clients currently many companies are dedicated to seo positioning using different techniques in order to reach defined objectives and.It is a marketing strategy that cannot be missing from any website. If you are willing to start with SEO on your own, we help.

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