International Vietnam officially the socialist republic of vietnam . Has begun strict supervision of activities on social networks. This country with just over 99 million inhabitants is now . The center of international discussion on freedom of expression online. The government of the socialist state has imposed a fine of $58,493 pesos (100 million vnd) for any user who criticizes the regime via social networks. The information initially came from reuters. The fine is not the only dimension of punishment. Some comments can be classified as criminal offenses so the possibility of serving sentences with jail time. Modern criminal law in democratic countries advocates proportionality between crime and punishment. In many countries, it is also sought that the penalty.

Serve as a Path Towards the Rehabilitation of the Criminal

Serve as a path towards the rehabilitation of the criminal. It seems difficult to justify the proportion between giving an opinion in an open environment and receiving fines or jail days. The  Paraguay Phone Number List effort to create laws tailored to the internet is not limited to social networks, Marketing5 advertising tips for small businesses . 4 tips to give good customer service on social media. The idea is that you frequently use words that relate to your specific target. If your turn is artistic it will be convenient for you to use galler . Frequently.

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According to Tech in Asia Reports, Companies That Decide

According to tech in asia reports companies. That decide to practice e-commerce will. Have a government license and report any changes in their service otherwise. They will face ends ranging from to. It is not enough to just know the trends that will be on everyone’s lips this way it is easier for search engines to identify your page and it is easier organically. It’s like having free advertising if done correctly. It is advisable to have a list of keywords if you need help identifying those in your field . There are special search tools for that words.

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