and affordably with a tool like Customily (see below). 4. AUGMENTED REALITY WILL ALLOW CUSTOMERS TO “TEST” PRODUCTS Augmented Reality has been a part UK Phone Number List of trends posts for years now, but it never seemed to go anywhere. This year, that all changes. Shopify partnered with 3D Warehouse to create AR features for ANY Shopify store in a few simple steps — and it works like a charm![*] Check UK Phone Number List this out: The implications for this are massive — for a one-time fee of $100-$200 and a few good pictures of your products, you can hire a Shopify expert to implement AR on your site. If you watched the video, you saw how

Marketing 4 – Building Your List Part II

detailed the AR can be, too. You’re able to zoom in on certain parts of the products you’re considering buying, see how it would look in your home, and all but touch them. UK Phone Number List Shopify is pushing experiential commerce to a new level. Here’s how to get started with this trend: Take six high-quality photos of your product (one from each angle, including top and bottom). For large products like furniture, use a camera with a UK Phone Number List 50mm lens. For small to medium size products, use a 70mm or 100mm lens. Cell phone pictures probably won’t do it, since they’re low-quality. Also, take extra photos of any unique details (such as the gears of a bike).

UK Phone Number List

Screenshot of high-quality photos of product from multiple angles Get precise measurements of your product (in millimeters) and create a diagram to show the specific UK Phone Number List measurements. You can easily do this using Paint or Canva. Screenshot of product with precise measurements Hire a Shopify Expert to create the 3D model for you. Prices start at $100. They’ll send you back a .glb and a .usdz file to UK Phone Number List add to the 3D Warehouse app. Go to the 3D Warehouse app. In the Title field, enter a title for the 3D model. In the Linked Product field, select the product and variant this 3D model is associated with, then click Select product. Click Upload File

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