And they were right. Brands continue to invest in content marketing Where social media has seen strong development in recent years in commerce ( paid media, advertisements), we already saw a turnaround in 2020. A turn towards quality content that is often Pakistan Phone Number List based more on sustainability, humanity, and relevance than on commerce was absolutely visible. This trend will certainly continue, partly due to the events in the world.

To Innovation It Also Caused High

surrounding the corona pandemic and the equality discussion. This is also confirmed by, for example, the new global marketing report from Deloitte, in which words such as ‘human connection’, ‘purpose’, ‘trust’ and ‘participation’ play a major role. I, therefore, expect that the investments of brands in content marketing will increase. More stories, more relevant stories, more qualitative video, etc. And that definitely includes.

Turnover Among Those Young

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Influencers. Beyond the hype, we are on the eve of more targeted and targeted use of influencers. Often with a focus on niches. Adding value for both the brand and the target audience. What do you use social media for? At my own agency, I see that brands are increasingly asking themselves what the social media channel is for . For commerce? For communication? Do you want to maintain (public) relatio.

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