Love in a mug At least one reason to smile A smile a day… Sit. Sip. Smile. You get the idea. I created these by visualizing the feeling I want my customers to have when they Iran Phone Number List see one of my mugs, then used a little creativity to capture that feeling in a few words. I suggest coming up with at least 10-20 ideas to start. It’s OK if they suck; this can be a numbers game. The purpose is to put your creative Iran Phone Number List muscles to work, and as you get the wheels turning, it should get easier to come up with ideas. WHAT TO DO IF YOU GET STUCK Unless you happen to be a creative genius, you’ll probably get stuck and you might even start getting

Marketing – Are You Missing the Gold in Your Customer List

aggravated. That’s OK! It’s all part of the creative thinking process. Here are some tips to help you when you can’t figure out that “perfect” slogan: 1. TRY OUT SOME POWER Iran Phone Number List WORDS If you’re getting stuck, chances are you can’t find the right words to convey what you want to about your brand. In that case, consider browsing a list of power words that convey emotion to see if anything catches your eye. Screenshot Iran Phone Number List showing power words that convey emotion Words such as: Heartwarming Inspiring Captivate Stunning Bold 2. LOOK AT OTHER EXAMPLES Good artists copy. If you’re feeling stuck, browse other business’s taglines to get

Iran Phone Number List

fresh ideas. Here is a list of 10:[*] Screenshot Iran Phone Number List showing catchy business slogans and taglines I also have a list of several examples at the end of this guide. While you’re looking at them, think about why their tagline is what it is. Think about the emotions they’re trying to convey, what their product is, and why it might make sense. This process of reverse-engineering will help you develop your own Iran Phone Number List tagline. 3. DON’T TRY TO BE PERFECT Coming up with a tagline is almost as stressful as coming up with a business name or logo. But the cool thing about taglines is that if it’s not working, they’re much easier to change! Nearly every big brand has

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