HR trends affect everyone both inside and outside of work. Because people either want to improve their own career path or recruit those who can do it for them. In the last twelve months a lot has happened and a lot has changed in the world of HR. So let’s get our collective heads Lebanon Phone Number out of the day-to-day HR sands to look away at some of the likely HR trends to come for 2019. The twists and turns of the Trump administration have given HR leaders a big pause to think. The current Brexit crisis has shaken markets and left many long-standing businesses wondering how much longer they could avoid further downsizing and consolidation.

Northern Ireland Is Still an Enigma That Keeps

Northern Ireland is still an enigma that keeps the European Union up at night. The list of controversies and policy decisions from the past year that affect the HR climate for next year is long and Lebanon Phone Number complicated. So what’s to look forward to and plan for in 2019?Persistent wage gapsIn the UK, the recent white paper on the gender pay gap highlighted the persistence of gender pay inequalities. Representation of women on the board of directors and at the senior management level remains shockingly low.

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Human Resource Managers Realize That This Issue

Human resource managers realize that this issue will not go away in 2019. And will need to be dealt with forcefully and diplomatically if further and stricter government oversight is to be avoided. Me too is gaining strength and influence this leads directly to the me too  Lebanon Phone Number women’s movement to end sexual abuse and harassment in the workplace. As blatant headlines all this year have made painfully and shamefully clear. Men in positions of power and authority.Along with their underlings and spin doctors, have objectified women in the office.

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