Screenshot of Expensify website Expensify’s homepage Slovenia Email List feels original. The screenshot above shows the whole page — yep that really is it. Each time you load the site, a different Expensify customer is highlighted (Brooklyn Brewery in this example). The page features three CTAs giving visitors the Slovenia Email List option to get started with their email address, phone number, or Google account. This lets the Slovenia Email List visitor choose whichever method is best for them, rather than forcing them down one specific route. One of my favorite Slovenia Email List parts of the CTA is simple microcopy above the buttons. By using the word concierge — someone who works in a hotel to arrange things,

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such as theater tickets and visits to restaurants — Slovenia Email List Expensify makes the visitor feel like the stress of expenses will be taken care of for them. 7. CULTURE AMP Screenshot of Culture Amp website For your CTA, you need to consider your price point and how customers are onboarded to your product. Most Slovenia Email List self-serve and small business tools focus on driving sign-ups from their main CTAs, Slovenia Email List but for enterprise software, it’s a little different. Culture Amp is a team engagement and performance tool for businesses of 50 to Slovenia Email List 2,000+ employees. And its main CTA pushes visitors to “Book a demo” of its product.

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This enables Culture Amp to provide a more personal Slovenia Email List approach to sales. ECOMMERCE CALL-TO-ACTION EXAMPLES 8. MVMT Screenshot of MVMT website Instagram has become a key tool for ecommerce marketers, with many brands showcasing products on the platform. With this CTA, watch Slovenia Email List brand MVMT enables visitors to view its recent Instagram posts and see which products Slovenia Email List have been featured in its content. If you’ve come to their site in search of a specific product you saw on Instagram, you Slovenia Email List can locate it directly from the post rather than wasting time searching its store. 9. EVERLANE Screenshot of Everlane website

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