The power of influencer campaignsSocial media influencer campaigns work similarly to celebrity TV ad campaigns.Influencers are basically the internet version of celebrities. These are the big names in social media such as YouTube, Instagram, etc. They have garnered hundreds of thousands, sometimes even millions, of followers, subscribers and Malaysia WhatsApp Number List viewers.A big difference between influencers and traditional celebrities, however, is that their niche is very specific.While George Clooney or Jennifer Lopez could fit into just about any ad campaign, influencers only really fit into campaigns that revolve around their niche.Even so, the numbers don’t lie.

Companies That Use Influencers to Market Their

Companies that use influencers to market their products enjoy a 37% higher retention rate than companies that don’t. And believe it or not, there is an art to successful social media influencer campaigns. It spans a few simple yet extensive steps.Let’s take a look at them now.Find influencers for your influencer campaigns It goes without saying that extensive research will be required.Stay on top of popular influencers whose Malaysia WhatsApp Number List niches match your brand. Make a list of influencers that broadly match your brand and company image.Next, research their accounts thoroughly. See what they post. Make sure there’s nothing on their accounts that you wouldn’t associate with your brand or business.Items to check specifically include:their thoughtsHow do they think? What kind of thoughts do they share with their fans?their emotions.

Malaysia WhatsApp Number List

How Do They Deal With Emotions? What Do They Post

How do they deal with emotions? What do they post when they are sad or angry?Their viewsHow do they express their opinions? Do these views align with your brand and business?Another tip is not to go for the most popular influencer available. Just because a particular influencer has significantly more followers or views than the next Malaysia WhatsApp Number List influencer doesn’t mean they’re a perfect fit for your influencer campaigns.The second influencer might be more suitable and end up giving you a better ROI.Contact the influencer you have chosenNow is the time for you to reach out to the influence you’ve deemed the best fit to represent your brand.This is a crucial step .

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