Work on your email subject line. No one will know New Zealand Email Database about your launch if no one opens your email. To improve your email open rate, spend the time to come up with multiple subject lines, and pick the best from there. You can A/B test the subject lines if your email service provider is New Zealand Email Database capable of that. Use compelling product images. A picture speaks a thousand words. Use high-quality product images to make sure the New Zealand Email Database potential customers can’t help but to buy it. Include a prominent call-to-action button (CTA). Have one single, clear CTA button for your product launch email — which is to buy the new product NOW! New Zealand Email Database Stay true to your brand.

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You’ve spent the time and effort to build New Zealand Email Database rapport and trust with your subscribers. Keep the tone of your launch campaign aligned with your brand and all past emails so subscribers can connect easily. Create scarcity and urgency. Often, a reason to buy isn’t enough; you need to give New Zealand Email Database your subscribers a reason to buy NOW. You can create the urgency with special New Zealand Email Database launch discounts, limited units, or limited-time bonuses. 10 BEST PRODUCT LAUNCH EMAIL EXAMPLES Need New Zealand Email Database some inspiration for your campaign? Here is a list of the 10 best product launch email examples I’ve found from FAM and Really Good Emails.

New Zealand Email Database

I’ve also included the subject lines and why they New Zealand Email Database work for each of the examples below. BPN Screenshot of BPN email Subject line: The Wheyt Is Over — NEW Flavor Available Why it works: BPN’s product launch email starts with a product image with overlaying text that catches the New Zealand Email Database subscriber’s attention immediately. It then includes short copy in the email New Zealand Email Database body and quickly moves to a prominent call-to-action button. It works because of its simplicity, especially as the brand has already New Zealand Email Database established trust with its subscribers. PELOTON Screenshot of Peloton email Subject line: Introducing the Peloton Tread Why it works: Like the BPN’s

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