Screenshot of a twice-weekly emailing schedule Tajikistan Email List Notice how every second day is promoting a different product. Every second day is also a different type of email: WEDNESDAY: Standard product email (with hero shot of a product). SUNDAY: Instagram product email (with hero shot of a product Tajikistan Email List from Instagram in a natural environment). This schedule prevents list fatigue and puts cool Tajikistan Email List products you offer in front of your email subscribers who may have never seen those products before. Once you master Tajikistan Email List 2x per week emailing, it’s time to move onto stage two… STAGE 2: EMAIL 3X PER WEEK At this stage, you’re going to experiment with

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more frequent emails (3x per week) to see how your list Tajikistan Email List responds. Remember: People join your list for a reason. They want to hear from you and engage with you. Here’s an example of a 3x per week emailing schedule: Screenshot of a 3x per week emailing schedule Notice how there is an extra email Tajikistan Email List for “Content.” These are emails with a blog post or video that educates and sells, like this: Tajikistan Email List Screenshot of a blog post email Now you’re really adding value to your email list, with: Cool products (Wednesday, Sunday). Tajikistan Email List Content they love (Friday). Content types we love to send include blog posts, videos, and giveaways.

Tajikistan Email List

Basically any content our customers are creating that Tajikistan Email List we think the list would love. After that, you can move to stage three… STAGE 3: EMAIL 3X PER WEEK (PLUS 2X PROMO EMAILS PER MONTH) During this stage, you’re going to email 3x per week, plus: Plan out what monthly promotions you’re Tajikistan Email List going to do sales for. Schedule at least two emails for each promotion (one to announce the sale, Tajikistan Email List and one last-chance offer). There are two types of promo emails we send for FAM customers: Holiday promotions Tajikistan Email List (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Black Friday, 4th of July, Memorial Day, etc.).

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