like to add (Metric, Timeline, Geomap, etc.): Ukraine Email List Screenshot of steps to set up widgets for ecommerce dashboard in Google Analytics Then in the Add a metric drop-down menu (all widget types give you the option to Add a metric), search for Revenue, and you’ll see a bunch of revenue metrics you can add to your dashboard: Screenshot of steps to set up ecommerce dashboard in Google Analytics A few of the most important and Ukraine Email List common metrics for ecommerce dashboards include: Revenue: The total revenue Ukraine Email List from your web ecommerce store. Revenue per User: Average revenue per unique user (your revenue divided by the number of unique

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visitors). Transactions: The number of completed Ukraine Email List purchases on your site. Ecommerce Conversion Rate: The percentage of sessions that resulted in an ecommerce transaction. Average Order Value: Average value of transactions. Product revenue: Shows you the revenue generated by Ukraine Email List individual products or overall product sales on your ecommerce store. You can also build out more Ukraine Email List complex widgets using multiple pieces of data. To break down your product revenue by device used (showing how much revenue you’re making from purchases on desktop, tablet, and mobile), you could use a Table widget. Here are the options you’d select to

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create this widget: Screenshot of steps to set up Ukraine Email List ecommerce dashboard in Google Analytics And here’s what that widget looks like within a dashboard: Picture of widget within a dashboard in Google Analytics Tip: If you’re just getting started with dashboards, experiment with different widget types, Ukraine Email List data and filters until you find what works for you and helps you to build the most useful dashboard for your business. Another great way to get started with ecommerce dashboards is to use templates. 5 ECOMMERCE DASHBOARD TEMPLATES YOU CAN USE INSTANTLY Google’s Analytics Solutions Gallery features over 5,200 ecommerce

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