Everyone who depends on email marketing. Your emails Liechtenstein Email Lists should have higher open rates if they all get into the Primary inbox instead of the Promotions or Updates tab (in Gmail), or worse — the Spam folder. To make sure that doesn’t happen, get your subscribers to add your Liechtenstein Email Lists email address to their contact list as soon as possible. Morning Brew does that in the first email they send to their Liechtenstein Email Lists subscribers. Screenshot of welcome email by Morning Brew It’s so much more effective to ask your subscribers to whitelist your email address in the welcome email because they just joined your list, so it’s: likely they’re waiting for your email and will

Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing

open it as soon as it hits their inbox. easier Liechtenstein Email Lists to get them to take a small action now compared to asking them weeks or months later. Key Takeaway: The first email is the best time to ask your subscribers to whitelist your email address, so future emails always land in their Primary Liechtenstein Email Lists inbox (for Gmail) and NOT the Spam folder. This will improve your open and click rates on future emails. EXAMPLE #3: FIND OUT YOUR AUDIENCE’S PAIN POINTS BY ASKING ONE QUESTION [DEANYEONG.COM] Liechtenstein Email Lists Goal: Email engagement. Best For: Content creators, freelancers, service-based businesses. Business is about solving a problem

Liechtenstein Email Lists

people are willing to pay you for. This is especially Liechtenstein Email Lists true if you’re a content creator, freelancer, or service-based agency. But how do you know what problem your audience is dying to get rid of? The shortcut: You ask them. On the side, I run a blog sharing about personal productivity for Liechtenstein Email Lists professionals and executives. To get into their heads, I ask every new subscriber about ONE Liechtenstein Email Lists thing they want to improve. Screenshot of welcome email by Dean Yeong Instead of guessing what my readers need and want, I get them to talk about it themselves. Screenshot of replies to welcome email by Dean Yeong This way, I can create more relevant content for

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