isn’t focused tightly on your ideal buyer, Canada WhatsApp Number List bringing it with you won’t help Redesigns always carry some risk of the unknown 3. REDESIGN YOUR SITE FROM THE GROUND UP Maybe your site hasn’t changed in a while and looks dated. If so, a migration is the perfect Canada WhatsApp Number List opportunity to bring your site design up to speed. Just like any redesign, this shouldn’t be done Canada WhatsApp Number List blindly. The whole point of your site design is to showcase content and drive revenue-generating actions from visitors. You should be collecting data from your current site to get a better understanding of what is and isn’t working before you redesign.

Grow Your Own Business – Building a List

Pros Redesigns offer a chance to address many issues at once, especially when moving platforms. Anything that bugs you about the way your site looks and feels is up for Canada WhatsApp Number List fixing. Improved usability means its easier for customers to navigate and use your site to buy. Redesigning lets you focus your appeal on your best customers. Cons Redesigning can require a large budget and Canada WhatsApp Number List a long timeline. If not driven by data, a redesign can have negative consequences for sales Canada WhatsApp Number List and revenue. Determining your design needs is an important step. How extensive do the changes to your site need to be? How much do you want to take with you or leave

behind as you replatform? Do you want a fresh new face, or the warmth of familiarity? The other piece of the design puzzle will be your theme. In the Shopify ecosystem, Canada WhatsApp Number List your theme determines the framework for your site’s appearance, some back-end editing options, and some of the customer-facing functionality. 99% of the ecommerce functionality is always there as part of the Shopify platform, Canada WhatsApp Number List but some advanced functions will only be available by adding apps to your store or by Canada WhatsApp Number List being coded into your theme. There are a lot of themes and theme developers out there. You can find a large selection in the Shopify Theme Store.

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