Candidate-friendly hiring is about a candidate’s overall experience with an organization throughout the hiring process. Whether the candidate gets the job or not, their experience within the organization will be through word of mouth and often through social media. And More Than 20% Tell Others Not to Apply Either And more than 20% tell others not to apply either. This can have major negative effects on organizations and contribute to brand reputation damage.So what goes into creating a candidate-friendly hiring process? This means that job descriptions set the tone for the rest of the hiring process.

Hard-to-understand job descriptions are more likely

Job descriptions should inform applicants of any required pre-employment testing. They should disclose the type of pre-employment test that will be used, how long the test will take. Tests like this problem-solving test are good examples of tests that employers can use to guide employment decision-making. Suitable candidates are more likely to stick around.Be clear about expectations and responsibilities.

Job applications should be easy Oman WhatsApp Number List to follow. They have clear instructions and indicate what needs to before submission. Keeping it short and sweet will reduce the chances of applicants dropping out before completing the application and will increase the user experience.

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Once candidates have submitted their application

Once candidates have submitted their application, it is useful to send a confirmation email. While this could be a simple thank you email, employers can also use an email to provide more information. Giving candidates a time frame in which they can expect a response or even letting candidates know about next steps is a great way to increase the candidate experience.

Interviews can be stressful for candidates. Letting individuals know what to expect in an interview by emailing or calling ahead of time is a great way to create a positive interview experience. Personalizing communications by using names instead of general terms also adds to this.

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