As you accrue more people messaging you, you can use Chatfuel to send “broadcasts” to your messengers. One way to use this is to send a coupon or flash sale to your messenger audience. Screenshot of sending “broadcasts” to messenger audience using Chatfuel Check out our guide to setting up an USA Phone Number List ecommerce chatbot in 15 minutes for more tips and tricks to growing your store with AI. 3. DEEP PERSONALIZATION OF ONLINE PRODUCTS IMPROVES CONVERSIONS It’s no secret personalization increases sales. Just look at USA Phone Number List companies like Build-A-Bear Workshop or Zazzle. There’s something special about creating a product that’s

How Offline Businesses Can Use Email to Increase Profits

uniquely yours. Companies like Converse are USA Phone Number List using this trend to increase their conversions. They added a feature to their store called “Custom Converse,” where you get to design your shoes from scratch.[*] Screenshot of Converse offering customization on their website Even if you USA Phone Number List don’t have the resources Converse has, and you’re making $100k per year or less, you can still offer customization of your products. Tim Kock wrote a Shopify case study where he shared how to make $1,000 starting a Shopify store from scratch, and he wanted to offer customizable backpacks. However, it was far too expensive — so he decided to offer

USA Phone Number List

custom rubber patches to put on the standard backpack he offered. Think about how you can do the same. Can you offer custom stickers, shirts, patches, pins, etc. to USA Phone Number List complement your products? This can still increase conversions without the added cost of a fully custom product. To offer it on your store, you can use an app like Product Options or Customily. If you sell standing mixers, creating and selling custom USA Phone Number List mixers would be time-consuming and expensive. However, you can easily allow customers to create custom stickers to deck out their new mixer. Screenshot of a mixer with custom stickers on it You can do this on Shopify quickly

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