Screenshot of website from fitness coach Adam Frater Serbia Email List using his main CTA to sell the benefits of buying his program The CTA button reads: “Turn me into a shredded athlete!” — the benefit of his program, instead of focusing on the features (e.g., 10 workouts you can do at home). Author Serbia Email List Ramit Sethi focuses his homepage CTA on his earning potential quiz. Sethi focuses the hero section of his Serbia Email List website on selling the benefits of knowing your earning potential: Screenshot of Ramit Sethi Most Serbia Email List prospects don’t care about product features. They care much more about the benefits they will receive from the product.

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When you write a benefits-focused CTA, Serbia Email List highlight the “why” the customer would want to purchase, rather than “what” your product is. Basecamp sells the “why” very well on its homepage: Screenshot of Basecamp website using CTAs Instead of focusing on what Basecamp does, this CTA focusing on Serbia Email List the problems it solves (benefits) for customers. 5. KEEP IT SIMPLE Serbia Email List Sometimes the best CTAs are the simplest ones. “Buy Now” “Subscribe” “Download” “Click Here” It can be tempting to try to Serbia Email List reinvent the wheel, but you don’t always need to. The best play could instead be to stick to the tried and true CTAs that deliver time and time again.

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With a CTA, you don’t want to make the Serbia Email List user think. The words you choose for your CTA buttons should describe the resulting action clearly for the user. For example: “Add To Basket”: Should add this product to a shoppers basket “Download Now”: Will trigger a download, either directly or by emailing the Serbia Email List download to the user. Across its website, Ridge Wallet keeps its CTAs clear and Serbia Email List concise. On its homepage, the CTA is to ”Shop The Wallet” (this takes visitors to a page where they can see all of its wallets): Screenshot of Serbia Email List Ridge Wallet website using CTAs Then on its product pages, the main CTA is to ”Add To Cart”: Screenshot of Ridge

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