email copy, too. Here’s an example from Mindvalley Togo Email List Academy (subject line: An inspiring story of profound transformation): Screenshot of email from Mindvalley Academy Click here to see the full email. This email uses loads of power words, from transformational to free and massive breakthrough. Togo Email List They work! 5. ADD BUTTONS TO IMPROVE CTR If you’re on the Sumo email list, you’ve probably Togo Email List noticed we love buttons. We love them so much, in fact, that we use them in every email. Our email list gets a very nice 13.78% CTOR, largely due to this button template. Screenshot of button in Sumo email You can use buttons as a CTA

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for your articles, for discounts or products, or to send Togo Email List people to landing pages. They’re just so clickable.When you send the right email to the right person at the right time, your subscriber opens, clicks, and makes a purchase. It doesn’t feel like marketing to your recipient when your email is targeted. In today’s Togo Email List post, I’m going to show you how to get responses like that using targeted Togo Email List email marketing techniques. 1 What’s Targeted Email Marketing? 2 Why Send Well-Targeted Emails? 3 Setting Up To Send Your First Targeted Email 4 How To Make Your Emails Targeted Let’s dive in. WHAT’S TARGETED EMAIL MARKETING? Targeted

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email marketing is the practice of sending Togo Email List marketing emails to specific sets of your subscribers, using list segmentation. The task may sound daunting, but with the help of some advanced email marketing tools, almost every small business can send highly targeted emails automatically to Togo Email List develop better relationships and generate more sales. WHY SEND WELL-TARGETED EMAILS? Togo Email List There are always upsides in optimizing marketing communication with your customers. At a high level, sending well-targeted emails improves what’s known as the 5Rs of email marketing: Screenshot of the 5Rs of email marketing Relevance.

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