Click here to get your own copy (no email opt-in required). Use that spreadsheet to: Prioritize email marketing tasks to work on first from this blog post (past-purchaser Estonia Phone Number List campaign, abandoned cart campaign, TL;DR preheader text, etc.). Start improving your email marketing one step at a time. Follow Ilona’s advice in the video below to combine the ease and impact scores in the spreadsheet and Estonia Phone Number List prioritize the tests you’ll work on first: 8 KEY TAKEAWAYS TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS WITH EMAIL MARKETING (THE APPSUMO WAY) Grow your email list by setting up a Sumo Welcome Mat with an email opt-in Estonia Phone Number List offer directly

Email Marketing Lets People Get to Know and Trust You

related to what you sell. Use four set-and-forget email campaigns proven to make sales: welcome, abandoned cart, past-purchaser, and re-engagement Estonia Phone Number List campaigns. Follow AppSumo’s three-part email marketing formula to make $1,000+ on every email blast (clever subject line + TL;DR preheader text + one call to action). Segment your email list into 90-day active subscribers (people Estonia Phone Number List who have clicked on an email in the last 90 days) and inactive subscribers. Use Send Estonia Phone Number List CheckIt to check your email subject lines. Use Litmus to check for broken images/links/call-to-action buttons and spam across 90+ email clients. Get a baseline of your

Estonia Phone Number List

open, click, and unsubscribe rates. If any metric goes 50% in the wrong direction, review your email and improve it. Find professionally designed emails on the Estonia Phone Number List Really Good Emails website. Edit the emails on CodePen, export, and import into your email software to send. Use AppSumo’s high-priority test list to test email elements proven to get big wins by the AppSumo team. If you’d Estonia Phone Number List like to see how AppSumo does all of their marketing (not just email marketing), click the button below to get AppSumo’s complete eight-figure marketing playbook.

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