After 10 days, they send the email below to purchasers of the SEO rank tracking software, selling the benefits of using the custom report software with it. Screenshot of AppSumo The past-purchaser email to the segmented list gets a 3x clickthrough rate (11.9%) versus the original email for the deal to the Oman Phone Number List 90-day active list (4.2%). Screenshot of analytics for AppSumo AppSumo repeats this email campaign for Oman Phone Number List other complementary products they sell. If you sell two or more complementary products Oman Phone Number List in your business, you can set this email campaign to run all year round. It’s the closest thing to free money in email marketing.

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4. RE-ENGAGEMENT CAMPAIGN The Oman Phone Number List key to a successful re-engagement campaign is segmenting your list into active and inactive subscribers, then sending an offer to re-engage the inactive ones. For AppSumo, this campaign makes sure they’re keeping a clean list and Oman Phone Number List only sending emails to subscribers that are active (e.g., have clicked an email in the last 90 Oman Phone Number List days or purchased) so every email they send hits the recipient’s inbox. Here’s how to do it the AppSumo way: Filter your list into active and inactive segments. Screenshot of filtering into active and inactive segments For any subscribers who haven’t clicked an email in

Oman Phone Number List

120+ days, remove them from your list Oman Phone Number List completely (don’t even keep them on your inactive list). Keeping them on your list will hurt your email deliverability, stopping your emails from hitting your active subscribers’ inboxes. Send a re-engagement campaign to the inactive Oman Phone Number List subscribers. Below is an example from one of AppSumo’s campaigns. Screenshot of Oman Phone Number List AppSumo For this email to be successful, the best practice is: If you run an ecommerce store, send an above-average value coupon code in the email. For non-ecommerce businesses, send a piece of content your list has never received.

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