Around 10 days later: Screenshot of email from Mexico Email List Airbnb 7. REACTIVATION WORKFLOW Reactivating lapsed customers or disengaged email subscribers is a great tactic to help grow your business. Now I’m guessing you don’t have time to sit and email every lapsed customer in your database Mexico Email List manually, so this is where an email workflow can help. LinkedIn uses an email series to try to Mexico Email List encourage lapsed trial users to join LinkedIn Premium. Each of the emails it sends try to convert lapsed trials, based Mexico Email List on the different benefits of its Premium service. The first email of the sequence focuses on seeing who’s checking out your profile:

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Screenshot of email from LinkedIn The second Mexico Email List email, sent seven days later, highlights a larger range of Premium features and benefits: Screenshot of email from LinkedIn And the third email of the workflow arrives another seven days later and focuses on how LinkedIn Premium can help Mexico Email List you land your next job: Screenshot of image in email sent by LinkedIn A note on frequency: Mexico Email List LinkedIn appears to be pretty aggressive with this workflow and sends it out again to lapsed trialers each month. I find this a Mexico Email List little overwhelming, so it might be worth thinking about how often you want to contact lapsed customers, trialers or subscribers.

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8. FREE TRIAL CONVERSION WORKFLOW When Mexico Email List someone starts up a trial of your product, you have a short window to convince them to part with their cash. After starting a trial with SimilarWeb, each trialer enters a workflow that starts after the “Welcome” email hits their inbox. About 20 Mexico Email List minutes after the “Welcome” email, I received this message (the first in the trialer series): Mexico Email List Screenshot of email from SimilarWeb Four days later, I received a follow-up email asking if I would like to book a call: Screenshot of Mexico Email List email from SimilarWeb After another four days, just as my free trial was about to expire,

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