Whether you have one employee or 500 employees, you need to perform performance reviews in your business. I strongly recommend that you complete a performance review for your employees every six months. Yes, doing performance reviews that often stink, but it’s worth it.I know small business owners don’t have extra time. I also know that you’ve probably rolled your eyes at the idea of ​​doing your small business performance review process twice a year. But, there are five reasons why I think all companies should perform performance reviews every six months. Employee retention Employee retention is my main reason for having reviews every six months. More than once I’ve discovered a glitch under someone’s saddle and was able to fix it.

If I Had Done Revisions Every Year It Might

If I had done revisions every year, it might have been too late. I could have lost a much needed employee.#2. Frequent increases Some people say employee performance reviews should be separate from discussions about money. I say it’s crap. Money is the reason people come to work, and it’s a big motivator. Having semi-annual performance reviews gives me the opportunity to give small rewards for high performance, but more frequently.#3. Formal documentation Sometimes it is necessary to terminate someone’s employment. But to do this, it is better to have good documentation. Doing performance reviews every six months gives you the opportunity to document issues more frequently. If there are questions about why an employee was terminated, you can show your documentation.

Talent Recognition Half-yearly Interviews Are an

Therefore, talent recognition Half-yearly interviews are an opportunity to identify and highlight undeveloped skills and employee potential. My company performance review process helped me identify the true potential of a few entry-level employees, whom I eventually promoted to presidents within my companies.#5. positive statement Remember that your employees are people. Most people want to do a good job and stay out of trouble. A frequent appraisal system encourages employees to be consistent and helps them perform at their best.The Small Business Performance Appraisal Process Like many small business owners, many people report directly to me. Taking the time to conduct multiple performance reviews twice a year is a problem for me.

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