convert customers on the fence: …sold out immediately …Estonia Email List expecting these to sell fast again …should act quickly WILLIAMS SONOMA Screenshot of Williams Sonoma email Subject Line: Now Back in Stock Why It Works: Do you offer special perks that provide added value? If so, highlight it in your copy. In Estonia Email List this email by Williams Sonoma, this special perk (free shipping) is placed above the scrumptious Estonia Email List picture of their popular cookies. The retail company also uses exclusivity (Be the first to know) and Estonia Email List urgency and scarcity (Hurry — quantities are limited). If you don’t want to showcase product recommendations in your restock email, do it

Basics Make Your Business Email List a Direct Mail List

like Williams Sonoma ($70 discount for sandwich press) — Estonia Email List draw attention to your latest promo! BARE PERFORMANCE NUTRITION Screenshot of Bare Performance Nutrition email Subject Line: Milk N’ Cookies Whey Protein IS BACK! Why It Works: BPN immediately stops customers in their tracks Estonia Email List with the bold headline, It’s Back. This email is further boosted with clear benefits: Build muscle Estonia Email List Improve performance Weight loss Right below the CTA button is a glowing review from a satisfied Estonia Email List customer. This is a form of user-generated content that also serves as social proof. BPN uses it to spark an emotional trigger in customers and make

Estonia Email List

them feel confident about their decision. SEPHORA Estonia Email List Screenshot of Sephora email Subject Line: FYI…That beauty you’ve had your on is back in stock Why It Works: Thanks to the generous white space in this email, customers can’t help but zoom in on Sephora’s restocked product. The 4.5 stars rating Estonia Email List gives customers confidence about buying it. Unlike most emails in this list, Sephora puts the Estonia Email List price upfront. This saves customers the extra step of clicking through the email just to see the price. #UserExperience Once Estonia Email List again, we see scarcity being played here. The microcopy in the preheader, Get it before it’s gone, compels

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