about payment and security.[*] Screenshot of survey results showing reasons why shoppers abandon carts Data from VWO also found that 58% of shoppers said that emails and ads which offer a discount on an abandoned product bring them back to the website.[*] By sending abandoned cart emails, you Tunisia WhatsApp Number List can give a little nudge to shoppers to return to your store and complete their purchase. If you know Tunisia WhatsApp Number List why shoppers tend to abandoned carts across your industry, you can use your emails to address their concerns. Huckberry understands the importance of shipping costs to shoppers and sends a variation of its abandonment email

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that focuses on free shipping:[*] Screenshot of Huckleberry abandoned cart email example WHEN SHOULD YOU SEND ABANDONED CART EMAILS? There’s not Tunisia WhatsApp Number List one best time to cart abandonment emails, though it seems between 30-60 minutes after the shopper leaves their cart is a good fit for many stores. After testing various times (30 mins, 60 mins, >1 hour 30 minutes), Pro:Direct Tunisia WhatsApp Number List Soccer US found that sending their emails 30 minutes after the shopper left the cart lead to a 19% increase in conversions.[*] And back in 2013, Marketing automation platform Marketo recommends that your first email should be sent within

an hour of the cart abandonment.[*] Whatever you do, don’t wait so long that the shopper has forgotten what and why they wanted to make a purchase, or went and bought Tunisia WhatsApp Number List from your competitors. Salesforce found that abandoned cart emails tend to generate the highest overall revenue within the first 24 hours after sending — while the product(s) in the customer’s cart are still fresh in their Tunisia WhatsApp Number List mind.[*] Abandoned cart emails also generate 60% of their revenue on the day of send.[*] 6 STEPS TO CRAFTING REVENUE-RECOVERING ABANDONED CART EMAILS 1. WRITE AN IRRESISTIBLE SUBJECT LINE A great subject line is key to getting

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