The meta description and meta title tags are used to present the page of a website that responds to the request of an Internet user. They are visible in search engine SERPs. Their purpose is to inform and encourage the Internet user to click on the meta title tag to go to the web page. In addition, they also influence the natural referencing of your website. Thus, it is necessary that their drafting be careful.

Reminder: what are a meta title and meta description

The meta description tag plays an important role in the natural referencing of your web page. For the Internet user, it provides a description of the web page in a specific number of characters. Located below the title tag in search results, it’s the first thing visitors see Iran Phone Number List from your page. It is therefore necessary that its writing be neat and include the keywords of the page to encourage the Internet user to click on your link and not on that of your competitors.

The meta title tag is the title of your page. Its limitation is more evoked in pixel than in character. However, we can see that for a title tag not to be cut off by Google, it must contain around 70 characters maximum.

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What length for your meta description tag?

ntil 2015, the maximum number of characters in the meta description tag on Google was 150-155 characters. Only since Google has changed this rule. Indeed, natural referencing professionals can now write tags between 230 characters and 350 characters. This large difference between characters allows Google to offer a longer tag to queries including several keywords. With this change, the meta description tag starts to become a dynamic element.

Finally, last year, Google removed the meta description of 150 characters to make way for a meta between 260 and 300 characters approximately, the 350 characters being still rare.

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