Think about the emotions they’re trying to convey, what their product is, and why it might make sense. This process of reverse-engineering will help you develop your own tagline. 3. DON’T TRY TO BE PERFECT Coming up with a tagline is almost as stressful as coming up with a business Cambodia Phone Number List name or logo. But the cool thing about taglines is that if it’s not working, they’re much easier to Cambodia Phone Number List change! Nearly every big brand has changed their tagline at one point or another, either to adapt Cambodia Phone Number List with a new vision or new trends, or simply because the old one wasn’t working. Screenshot of change in tagline for McDonald So relieve some of the

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pressure on yourself and realize that your slogan doesn’t have to be perfect! 4. USE SHOPIFY’S SLOGAN GENERATOR Shopify built a free slogan generator that Cambodia Phone Number List takes a word or phrase and generates tagline ideas for your brand. Try it out![*] Screenshot of Shopify 5. TAKE A BREAK When all else fails, walk away! Part of the creative process is hitting blocks. Sometimes the best thing is Cambodia Phone Number List to do something else. Go for a walk, grab some food, talk with a friend; anything to get your mind as far away Cambodia Phone Number List from your tagline as possible. Let your subconscious do the work and take a crack at it later or even tomorrow! 5 EXAMPLES OF TAGLINES THAT

Cambodia Phone Number List

WORK INCREDIBLY WELL Here’s a mix of slogans, taglines, and catchphrases that have been used by companies big and small to give you some ideas. I’ll also share a bit about Cambodia Phone Number List them and why they work so well. 1. TASTE THE FEELING Coca-Cola has changed their tagline more than a dozen times since 1886. Here are the first 15 changes they made:[*] Screenshot showing Coca-Cola Their most recent Cambodia Phone Number List tagline, “Taste The Feeling”, is great because it’s simple, easy to use in Cambodia Phone Number List advertising, and understandable. Many people associate Coca-Cola with a certain feeling of refreshment and relaxation, and a big part of that is

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