If your deliverability goes from 98% to 70%, that Poland Phone Number List means you’re no longer getting inboxed in one big email provider (Gmail, Outlook, etc.). The best way to avoid that is to only send to a list of 90-day active subscribers. You set up this list in your email marketing provider (see Poland Phone Number List screenshot below from how AppSumo does it), then every time you send an email, only send to that list. Screenshot of setting up email in email marketing provider Note: If you don’t have a shopping cart on your site, keep it Poland Phone Number List simple and set up your active segment to be subscribers who have clicked on an email link in the last 90 days. Once you’ve got that set up, continue

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reading to learn about the two best email Poland Phone Number List marketing tools to get your active subscribers opening AND clicking your emails. TWO LITTLE-KNOWN EMAIL MARKETING TOOLS PROS USE THAT ROOKIES DON’T There are two tools AppSumo uses to check every email before it’s Poland Phone Number List sent. 1. SENDCHECKIT SendCheckIt is a free tool that gives your email subject line a rating Poland Phone Number List from D to A+ so you can compare it to other marketers, stand out in the inbox, and get more opens. Screenshot of SendCheckIt This tool checks for 16 things: Scannability (how easy it is to read your subject line). Reading Grade Level (how wordy or complex your

Poland Phone Number List

subject line is). Length (how many Poland Phone Number List characters your subject line has). Preview (what your subject line looks like on desktop and mobile). Sentiment (if your email has a positive or negative sentiment). RE or FWD: (if your email starts with a fake RE or FWD and will go to Poland Phone Number List spam). FREE (if the spam word ‘free’ is found in the subject line). Spammy Words (words and phrases more often found in spam emails). Bad Tab Words (words that push your email from the Primary to the Poland Phone Number List Promotions tab in Gmail). Exclamation Mark (an exclamation mark can hurt open rates and Gmail tab placement). All Caps Words (a check to see you’re not shouting like

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