SEO is a constantly evolving sector, mainly due to changes in user behavior on the internet, but also to the various updates from Google to adapt to them. Natural referencing is therefore a sector that requires a lot of monitoring. But also great adaptability and this is not about to stop, even less with the arrival of artificial intelligence on Google.

Definition: what is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence, also called AI, is more and more talked about. Mentioned for the first time by the mathematician Alan Turing in 1950 during a test that aimed to measure the intelligence of a machine. It mainly refers to science fiction films such as “Her”, “Blade Runner” or even “Terminator 2″… However, its development continues to grow and its presence in everyone’s daily life is becoming more and more democratized: algorithm, personal assistant. Artificial intelligence really?Thus, it is a flourishing  Canada Phone Number List market that quickly became important. Its growing development has allowed voice assistants and facial recognition to emerge. Other sectors cover them such as that of natural referencing for which they seem quite relevant. So, both exciting and frightening, artificial intelligence is now much talked about, but the mathematician Cédric Villani reassures by explaining.

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Google and Artificial Intelligence, an Increasingly Important

This information is no longer a surprise, between Google and artificial intelligence the link is increasingly close.

RankBrain, the artificial intelligence of SEO! Google regularly updates its algorithm to offer Internet users ever more relevant and quality answers to its users. Its updates aim to keep Google’s algorithm at the forefront of technology: long-tail and increasingly precise queries, voice search. Word Embedding is therefore a practice that is part of and helps machine learning. Thus, RainkBrain is able to understand the meaning of a question formulated by the Internet user by creating links between expressions and words to understand the meaning. Unlike classic Google search, defined to respond to predefined situations, RainkBrain is what is called.

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