Go ahead and fill these out, then click Save Email > in the bottom right. Screenshot showing the Sumo Automation email editor Not sure what to say? Click the Slovenia Phone Number List button below to get my fill-in-the-blank drip campaign templates for you to copy-paste right into your content box! Get My Drip Campaign Slovenia Phone Number List Templates Once you’re finished with this email, write a few follow-up emails to send out over the following days/weeks/months (depending on how ambitious you’re feeling and how much flexibility you want in your sending Slovenia Phone Number List schedule). When you’re done, it should look something like this: Screenshot showing a drip campaign on Sumo Pro Tip:

Email Marketing – Dealing With Undeliverable Emails

You can set the delay time between emails by clicking the “1 Day” link next to Delay in the information box below each email. Screenshot showing how to set time Slovenia Phone Number List delay for Sumo Automation That’s it! You now have your first drip campaign set up. Nice! ADVANCED DRIP CAMPAIGN STRATEGIES All right, time to level up. We’ve covered the basics, but what are the elite-level marketers doing Slovenia Phone Number List with their list to make the highest possible returns? In this section, we’ll cover three advanced Slovenia Phone Number List strategies: RFM Drip Campaign Gamification Drip Campaign Past Purchaser Drip Campaign Here we go! RFM DRIP CAMPAIGN RFM campaigns

Slovenia Phone Number List

are triggered based on Recency, Frequency, and/or Monetary value. It’s an advanced strategy called behavioral marketing (marketing based on your customers’ Slovenia Phone Number List or subscribers’ behavior). Recency: When the customer last placed an order. Frequency: How many orders the customer placed. Monetary: How much the customer spent. You create multiple segments (each with a different drip Slovenia Phone Number List campaign) based on these values. Here’s how that might look: High Recency, High Slovenia Phone Number List Frequency, High Monetary: Reward your most loyal customers with an email offering exclusive privileges that make them feel special.

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