The dashboards are made up of widgets to show you the UAE Email List metrics that matter most to your business. Each widget shows you a snippet of data relating to your ecommerce store, and you can use up to 12 widgets per dashboard. SETTING UP YOUR ECOMMERCE DASHBOARD The first step is to UAE Email List create a new dashboard in your Google Analytics account. Note: To do this you’ll need to have Collaborate, Edit or Manage Users permissions. UAE Email List Open GA; under the Customization option on the left-side menu, select Dashboards. UAE Email List Screenshot of Dashboards tab in Google Analytics Now we’re going to create our own dashboard, based on

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Google Analytics official instructions.[*] In the main UAE Email List panel, select Create. Screenshot of steps to set up ecommerce dashboard in Google Analytics Next, select Blank Canvas (no widgets) or a Starter Dashboard (GA default widget set). You can also import a dashboard from the Gallery — we’ll cover UAE Email List this option later in the post. Screenshot of steps to set up ecommerce dashboard in Google UAE Email List Analytics For this example, select the Blank Canvas option, then give your dashboard a title and click Create Dashboard. CREATING UAE Email List WIDGETS FOR YOUR DASHBOARD Now your dashboard has been started and it’s time to add widgets.

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Google Analytics offers six types of widgets: UAE Email List Screenshot of Google Analytics widgets Metric: Displays a simple text report of one selected metric. Screenshot of revenue (metrics) Timeline: Displays a graph of a selected metric over time. You can compare this to a secondary metric. Screenshot UAE Email List of unique visitors and transactions in Google Analytics Geomap: Displays a map of the selected region, with the UAE Email List specified metric plotted on the map. Hover over the map to see the actual values. Screenshot of UAE Email List Geomap in Google Analytics Table: Displays up to two metrics describing the selected dimension, laid out in a tabular format. Screenshot o

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