How google dethroned Facebook is the first time that facebook’s referral traffic has been surpassed both by mobile traffic from Google, but also by direct traffic (direct entry of the site’s url or access from a favorite bookmark). A drop already been observed since September 2017 and which has been enabled . Additionally, facebook’s latest algorithm updates have been a major contributor to the social network’s loss of traffic. But also, the increase in google’s referral traffic comes mainly from sites using amp technology.

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While mobile internet users used to access a website from social networks like facebook, today they are increasingly accessing it from a google search. Thus they are more likely to access the home page of a website by themselves. Via a manual search on the search engine therefore it is not surprising. That direct traffic exceeds that of facebook, regardless of the device used. We know that the majority of readers arrive at a site directly  New Zealand Phone Number List through the desktop. However, for as long as we can remember, this behavior has been different on mobile devices; mobile readers = social readers, or someone on mobile probably found your content on Facebook. Our latest data shows that this is no longer the case.

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We know that the majority of readers arrive at a site directly

Now mobile readers more often land on a site (website or app) directly on the homepage or frontend section than on the assigned social platforms i.e. Facebook. –Chartbeat.However, it is not a question of abandoning Facebook, but of bringing more attention to Google Takes the Lead in Mobile Traffic at the Expense ofalternatives of this social network such as applications from publishers and sites that use AMP. Our digital agency specializing in mobile SEO brings you its expertise to help you carry out your projects.

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