Sincerely, Ash DAYS 28-30: BOOST YOUR RESULTS WITH FACEBOOK ADS By investing some money, you can get in front of your audience quicker than if you have to spend St.Pierre and Miquelon Email Lists time on free email list building tactics. Several people have had incredible success using Facebook ads to get email subscribers, including: Mary Fernandez used her ad to get 532 subscribers in 43 days, and they only cost her $0.43 St.Pierre and Miquelon Email Lists per subscriber.[*] Erika Volk added 1,892 new subscribers to her fitness St.Pierre and Miquelon Email Lists blog in two months, at a cost of $0.26 per subscriber.[*] Screenshot showing a successful Facebook ad The right Facebook ad + the right audience = muchas

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subscribers. And you can see results for St.Pierre and Miquelon Email Lists less than $5 per day. One of the best ways to get email signups from Facebook ads is by retargeting people who have already visited your website and read your content. To get up and running with Facebook ads retargeting, follow these steps: Set up a Facebook Pixel on your site.[*] Head over to Facebook Ads Manager.[*] Click the drop-down in the St.Pierre and Miquelon Email Lists top left of the nav and select Audiences: Screenshot showing Facebook ad setting Create a custom audience by clicking on the Create Audience button and selecting Custom Audience: Screenshot showing create a custom

St.Pierre and Miquelon Email Lists

Facebook audience Create an audience St.Pierre and Miquelon Email Lists based on website traffic. Screenshot showing create new Facebook custom audience settings Choose the Anyone who visits your website option and click Create Audience. Now you’re good to go and create your ads. Screenshot showing Facebook custom audience settings Click the Create Ad button in the top right of the Ads Manager dashboard: St.Pierre and Miquelon Email Lists Screenshot showing how to create Facebook ads Select Traffic as your objective (remember we’re trying to drive traffic to your landing page). Screenshot showing Facebook ad goal setting Select your newly created Audience.

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