The best part is, I get to come up with Macau Email Lists product ideas based on the pain points my subscribers have already told me. Key Takeaway: Ask your subscribers what they want. It doesn’t only give you valuable insights about your subscribers (and potential customers); it shows the Macau Email Lists new subscriber you care about them. EXAMPLE #4: OFFER A WELCOME DISCOUNT FOR Macau Email Lists THE FIRST PURCHASE [IRON STUDIOS] Goal: Product sales. Best for: Ecommerce stores. If you’re running an ecommerce store with a small team, it can be challenging to dive straight into content marketing. We get it. Content marketing takes lots of effort, and the

CRM: 3 Email Topics That Engage and Convert

ROI doesn’t happen overnight. So how do you Macau Email Lists get visitors to join your email list without content or lead magnets? One of the BEST strategies is to offer an exclusive discount to your visitors when they join your email list. Set up a Sumo email capture form to show to people who Macau Email Lists visit your site, like this: Screenshot of a Sumo email capture form As soon as someone becomes a Macau Email Lists subscriber, send an automated welcome email with the discount code you’ve promised to encourage them to make the first purchase. This is precisely what Iron Studios does using Sumo. Screenshot of welcome email with discount code by Iron Studios

Macau Email Lists

using Sumo It’s quick and straightforward. Plus, it Macau Email Lists helps grow your email list and generate more revenue for your online store at the same time. Here are three Sumo forms (with welcome emails) that have made Iron Studios over $8,000 in revenue. Screenshot of sales statistics from Sumo Macau Email Lists forms with welcome emails used by iron Studios Key Takeaway: If you’re not creating any Macau Email Lists content upgrades or lead magnets, an exclusive discount could be a GREAT strategy to get visitors to join your list. Deliver the discount code as soon as the visitor opts in, and see the sales roll in. EXAMPLE #5: OFFER YOUR MOST POPULAR

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