On May 25, the General Data Protection Regulation , or GDPR for the regulars, will come into force. Right in the heart of the news, it imposes many changes on companies that it is imperative to undertake before the deadline. Thus, this is what Google has achieved with its free Google Analytics service. We present the actions to be taken to ensure that your site is GDPR compliant with regard to data collection.

GDPR and web analytics, what is the link?

Web analytics is an area of digital marketing that involves collecting computer data from your visitors. This information helps you improve the performance of your website. They collect an Italy Phone Number List lot of information about Internet users that can be very useful for companies. However, the GDPR reinforces the legal framework for the use of this tracking. So, whether you use Google Analytics, Matomo or even XiTi (formerly AT Internet), how can you be compliant?

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Analytical Tools and the New European Regulation

Of course, there are several web analytics and audience measurement tools other than Google Analytics that the CNIL recommends. These are then XiTi (AT Internet) and Piwik. However, other free or paid solutions exist and allow you to comply with the CNIL and the new European regulation: Analytics tag managers such as Google Tag Manager. However, the performance of Google Analytics and its power places it as the most powerful and comprehensive audience analysis tool of all existing tools. GDPR and Google Analytics, changes to expect . If you have a Google Analytics account, you have probably received an email from Google with the subject Action Required Important Information Regarding Google Analytics Data Retention and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)”

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