Successful low-credibility sources are heavily supported by social bots. These results suggest that curbing social bots may be an effective Ivory Coast Phone Number List strategy for mitigating the spread of online misinformation. Disinformation by traditional media (‘mainstream media’) Traditional media also act as real-time bellows of everyday opinions and behavior that can lead to misinformation.

Focus on Retention Change Your

The number of live blogs on the smallest topics is now countless and the ‘atomization’ of news is taking place, all to keep the attention of the news consumer. The king to Greece on holiday? A live blog. Messi out of Barcelona? A live blog. The Maiden’s quarrel? A live blog. Craving of news This is not so much disinformation as it is craving for news.

Advertising Spend Higher

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People snack on news and don’t consciously stop whether it’s true or not. As long as it makes us feel good, or if it takes away our anxiety. Or, on the contrary, makes us restless, so that we continue to interact. It causes craving: the craving to experience the kick of a click. And why do the media want this? The news consumer returns and so can generate traffic and revenue.

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