It is difficult to know if this phenomenon started in the field of consumption and marketing or in politics and social dissatisfaction. The next 10 years will see a technological acceleration. Economic, and institutional structures. In this column, I have written on more . Its consequences now things will get louder. The main idea behind social networks and digital platforms was the creation of spaces of freedom.

The Guiding Concept Was to Provide Humanity With Tools

The guiding concept was to provide humanity with tools, means, and information for better decision-making. Freedom the internet had to create. Space and the capacity for human consumption to self-determine. The arrival of brands on social networks. The Qatar mobile numbers database companies hoped that the consumer would have Freedom. To communicate with. The brands receive better attention. Having the freedom to be able to communicate with the brand became the main axis of digital marketing actions. Now, I am free to express my displeasure immediately. A consumer now has the freedom to punish a brand

All Social Networks From Facebook to Pinterest Sought to Promote

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All social networks from Facebook to Pinterest. Sought to promote “Freedom to as. A trigger for benefits and are the argument to date of internet firms for. Agencies and brands to invest their marketing budget in them. Thanks to the internet I have “ freedom to travel at the best price through better travel sites and algorithms to improve conditions. The availability of freedom has taken a more worrying edge. With the arrival of is difficult to know if this phenomenon started. The fields of consumption and marketing or in politics and social dissatisfaction. Thomas Friedman wisely points out. Now citizens can get rid of a bad government through social networks through the freedom of organized demonstrations and topple almost any structure.

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