prevent someone else from coming back later, while you think that everything is well coordinated. pitfalls Pitfall 3: you don’t hold a kick-off It may seem like something Japan Phone Number List small, a kick-off. But it can make a big difference in how you collaborate on a content migration. You have to deal with many roles and stakeholders, and during the process, you are dependent on each other. Then it is nice if all noses.

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pointing in the same direction. Don’t you bring everyone together before your project really starts? Then you run the risk that agreements are not clear and that not everyone follows the same process. A kick-off – digitally or in real life – can be of great benefit. It provides expectation management It increases team involvement It ensures that processes and guidelines are clear Pitfall 4: you don’t have clear templates.

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guidelines Do you have a migration that requires a lot of rewriting? For example because of a new strategy or new design? Then provide clear templates and guidelines for your copywriters. This way you ensure consistency in your content and it is clear to everyone what you need which text for. For example, create a template for each page type, in which you indicate which specific parts should appear on a page.

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