Actively encouraging collaboration between different teams can also be an effective means here. 5. Shout out in social media bubbles Where would Trump be without social media? They offer him a direct channel to his supporters, but are also, above all, the echo Sweden Phone Number List chambers of his ideas. All of the Trumpian tendencies above are reinforce it. This danger also exists within organizations: there are often all kinds of.

Involving Customers Suppliers

WhatsApp groups and unofficial Facebook pages in which employees communicate with each other – and unseen for the organization. They can be very useful, and often very harmless. But there are also groups in which like-minded colleagues share their own views. The racist ‘Jan Smit’ WhatsApp group at the Rotterdam police, which recently made the news, is an example of this. Don’t underestimate the risk of colored versions.

Training and Education

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of organizational news being distributed ‘under the radar’ through such groups, rather than through your official channels. In this way, just like in the US, an alternative reality can arise within these networks, which you as an organization have no control over. The management doesn’t understand it: they are all pickpockets, let them talk, we know what needs to be done. Therefore, ensure that dialogue can take place

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