It’s nice to divide the complex world into right and wrong or to investigate opinions because they just don’t fit with your own ideas. We like patterns Hungary Phone Number List and find it difficult to realize that the world has become more complex. A digital pillarization is lurking. Views that conflict with our own view cause unpleasant tension. We prefer to avoid cognitive dissonance and are willing to adjust our behavior if it suits us.

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Cognitive dissonance is a strong motivator to avoid ideas that go against your own ideas. So even if we want to read reliable information or reliable news, our brain can still work against us. That makes us vulnerable to fake news and conspiracies. We find it difficult to admit any errors in our views. Disinformation through social media Everyone is a supplier, distributor, and customer online, which means.

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The boundaries between news, fake news, and advertisements seem to disappear, writes. ‘It is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish them from each other and form an informed opinion’. The philosopher Hanna Arendt goes a step further. The distinction between truth and falsehood can eventually   ‘constant lying’.

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