A search engine is a web-based program that collects content from content providers, that is, websites, on the internet, and then organizes and presents them. When a user makes a query, the search engine tries to list the results that best match the answer the user is trying to find as soon as possible.

How Do Search Engines Work?

Search engines regularly visit the pages of content providers, namely websites and blogs on the Internet, thanks to a “spider” or “bot” (automatic web browser), and scans the information contained in them. It does this by following all the links within a site.

It archives and indexes the data it scans, that is, adds it to its index. At this stage, it naturally tries to understand what the archived pages are about. It separates what it understands according to their type and stores it in its directory.

The final step sorts all the pages. While doing this, it looks at the general and special areas containing the searched words in all sites, and ranks the results that are related and high quality according to its algorithm on the pages called SERP (Search Engine Result Page). For example, Google uses an algorithm with more than 200 factors at this stage.

What is a Search Engine from a Digital Marketing or Economics Perspective?

The only purpose of search engines is to bring the most accurate results about the terms written in the search boxes, that is, the keywords, as soon as possible. The more accurate, the faster and the more results we see related to the queries we search, the more we use that search engine. The more we use a search engine, the more ads that search engine gets.

In economic terms, a “rational” search engine will list the most accurate results for the searched words to the user as soon as Australia Physiotherapist Email Lists possible. As the number of users increases, it maximizes its profit by receiving maximum advertising. As it grows, it turns the search engine market into an oligopoly.

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What Are The Most Used Search Engines In The World?

As of February 2020, the most used search engines all over the world are listed below, respectively.

  • Google 92.07%
  • Bing 2.44%
  • Yahoo! 1.62%
  • Baidu 1.49%

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