On the web, trends come and go. Everything is going very fast, and while new ones are just starting, others are already replacing them. However, let’s dwell on two trends that have invaded Google searches, social media news feeds and brand digital strategies: food and healthy! Then the furniture sector with “healthy home” in 14th position. The health sector is also affected by this trend, with a real desire among consumers to find more natural remedies.

Healthy: the trend that stems from awareness!

Healthy is an English term that means “in good health” and which, beyond a simple digital strategy, corresponds to a real awareness that has gradually become part of the lifestyle of consumers. It is part of a desire to consume less, but better, following numerous food scandals.

These new behaviors quickly took social media and Google searches by storm. As proof, according to Denmark Phone Number List Think With Google , Google analyzes a 37% increase in “healthy” queries between the first half of 2016 and that of 2017. The number of Instagram posts under the “healthy” hashtag exceeds 120 million.

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Digital strategy: number of publications with healthy

Healthy food at home: the digital strategy is part of a real way of life!
First appearing in the field of food, the digital well-being strategy has extended to many other sectors including health, beauty, fitness and furniture. Thus, it has become possible to hear about “healthy lifestyle”, new desires that have influenced Google searches. Google Trends shows us, using its associated research, the areas mainly affected by the healthy trend. We discover, unsurprisingly, that the area of ​​​​food remains the area most coveted by this trend, since the first associated searches to emerge are “recipe” and “healthy recipe”.Food & Healthy: How Did These Two Trends Invade the Web?  It also affects the beauty sector with the associated search “bourjois healthy mix”.

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